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Paul Cipriano, MD


Dr. Paul R. Cipriano is a cardiovascular and interventional radiologist who directs the angiography and non-invasive vascular labs at Sequoia Hospital. His interests include cardiac and vascular diagnostic studies and procedures (doppler/ultrasound, CT and MR angiography, catheter angiography) and interventions (angioplasty, atherectomy,
stents, thrombolysis, aortic stent grafts, interventional oncology, fibroid embolization and central venous lines and ports). Dr. Cipriano received his undergraduate degree from Occidental College and his medical training at Tulane University, Philadelphia General Hospital—University of Pennsylvania, and the New York Hospital— Cornell
Medical Center. While on the faculty at Stanford University he was an Andrew Mellon fellow and a James Picker Foundation Scholar in Diagnostic Radiologic Research. He has authored and co-authored 50 scientific articles and book chapters on cardiac and vascular disease and interventions.Dr. Cipriano is a fellow of the Society of Interventional
Radiology, the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, the North American Society of Cardiac Imaging, the Society of Cardiac Imaging and Interventions, the Western Angiographic and Intervention Society.