News  | Medical Centers will be opening before the end of 2024!

Our community can enjoy receiving medical care in one location, with our new Diagnostic Imaging Center opening June 2024, which will offer 3-Tesla MRI, Ultrasound, 264-Slice CT Scanner, PET/CT, Bone Density (DEXA) and X-Ray

Thereafter our new Ambulatory Surgery Center will open, along with our 2 Cardiac/Peripheral Cath Labs and CLIA Certified Laboratory. 

Patients will soon be able to come to one location and receive a consultation, diagnosis, labs, imaging, procedure/treatment and follow up in ONE LOCATION! 

Our MISS Centers:

The Bay Areas only Comprehensive DVT Center
Stroke Clinic
Obesity Institute 
Vascular Clinic
Surgery Center
CLIA Certified Laboratory
2 Cardiac/Peripheral Cath Labs
Imaging Center 

Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions, Founded by Dr. Arash Padidar, is at the forefront of revolutionizing patient care through cutting-edge medical techniques.  The center's commitment to excellence, integrated care, and innovative solutions has positioned it as a leader in interventional radiology.

"Empowering Lives, Ensuring Care: Where Quality Patient Care Comes First"

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