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Intervenional Radiology / Diagnostic Radiology
Double Board Certified Team of Physicians 

Personalized patient care is what sets MISS apart. When you visit our clinics, you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.
Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions offer convenient access to skilled specialists and advanced healthcare treatments closer to home. MISS features a clinic , surgery center, laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, outpatient rehabilitation and occupational health services.

Comprehensive Deep Vein Thrombosis Center 
Consultation, Diagnosis, Treatment, Follow up.
Blood Draw/Laboratory
Routine blood draw and laboratory services are available. Requisition forms from most labs are accepted.

Diagnostic Imaging Services
To schedule an appointment (with a doctor’s order) (408) 918.0405

Minimally Invasive Surgery
All procedures are performed by board-certified surgeons to ensure patient safety and the best possible outcomes.