Surgery Center | San Jose

We are an ambulatory surgery center specializing in outpatient same-day surgical procedures that do not require traditional hospitalization needs. 

MISS offers a handful of minimally invasive surgeries.

These include:

Laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopic surgery, small incisions are made in the abdomen to make room for trocars, which are short, narrow tubes. Long, narrow instruments are inserted into the trocars, allowing for surgeons to conduct the surgery. Through these instruments, surgeons are able to interact, cut, and sew back tissue. 

Laser surgery. This surgery uses special light beams, rather than a scalpel or other similar instruments, to perform procedures and cut tissue. 

Endovascular techniques (catheter-guided procedures). In these procedures, vascular surgeons use catheters to gain access to arteries and veins. These types of techniques are powerful diagnostic tools, allowing surgeons to both diagnose and treat a plethora of vascular conditions that occur anywhere in the body. 

At MISS, Our Medical Team continually strives to provide the best, whatever the medical matter is at hand. This includes our inpatient minimally invasive surgeries.

Reach out to stay informed about all medical options available to you and to consult with a physician regarding possible surgical intervention for your situation. 


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