Kelly Bessette

Chief Growth Officer 

 With years of experience at the intersection of technology, healthcare and media, Kelly Bessette has established herself as a visionary leader adept at navigating complex market landscapes. Her passion for innovation and commitment to excellence have led to the successful launch and scaling of numerous initiatives that revolutionize industry operations. Prior to joining MISS, Kelly held leadership positions in forward-thinking organizations, honing her expertise in strategic planning, business development, and fostering impactful partnerships. Her ability to identify emerging trends and capitalize on market opportunities has driven significant business growth and strategic success. She remains an avid learner, staying current with industry developments to stay at the forefront of innovation. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kelly is committed to civil rights advocacy and community empowerment. She channels her passion into mentorship programs and initiatives that advance civil rights and promote social justice. Believing in the transformative power of collaboration, Kelly engages with various stakeholders to drive positive change in business and society. She leverages her skills and experience to create a more just and inclusive world. As Chief Growth Officer at MISS, Kelly is dedicated to pushing boundaries and unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. With her strategic vision and determination, she leads the company toward a future of excellence, impact, and sustainable success.
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